jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

+No memories for unsaid goodbyes+

Do you remember me? I'm the one who's talking from afar, the one which is hanging on your hands, the one who's waiting for a sign, maybe for a little smile. Do you remember those days? When we used to walk along the highway, when we promised that we would ever promise... do you remember me now?
Now I'm across that bridge, the one behind the shadows, on the river, behind those broken trees, where are you? I've been looking for some shadows but actually is quite difficult to find shadows in between this dark water. There's no moon, there's nothing around, just the air I'm breathing.
I'm watching the landscape... which landscape? I don't really know, I'm just closing my eyes in the darkness while I imagine every single word I can remember and I might tell you, there's nothing about us in between those words. What happened to us? What happened to all those colors around us while we used to be so close? We broke as fast as humans break promises, we just lost our way to heaven and there's nothing left, nothing left from the both of us... we were two hearts inside one soul, now we're two souls with no heart. Isn't that funny?
While you're tearing me apart I've got to find other ways to remind me, because darling, I don't really remember who I was before I met you... what have you done?
I had my eyes wide open, and I resemble between the walls of hope and loneliness. Why is it so complicated to understand? Why do we always find a reason when there are no arguments?
I'm talking to you, even if I don't really remember your name. It's sweet how you're a painkiller for my nightmares but you're the worst nightmare I've ever had. Inside my head there are some cramps I must deal with, because baby, I'm so fucked up, I lost everything, I lost my way in between the pills, in between the cuts that actually never healed. But don't worry, I don't need any tourniquet, I'll bleed until it's worth (or maybe worthless?)
Bittersweet, just like your lips, just like every kiss you've given me. Giving up is an option, love isn't, you can't decide who you are about to love, you don't even know if you ever loved because love has no meaning in the dictionary. There's no fucking definition for life, there's not a fucking definition for what's worth or not, there's nothing around me.
I wish you were here as much as I would like you to disappear completely. I wish I could kill you as much as I'd love to kiss you.
+No memories for unsaid goodbyes+

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